Essay Hooks That Grab Attention Formula For Better Grades

Good attention getters include interesting questions, relevant quotes, startling or fascinating statistics, or short stories or anecdotes. As you will how to introduce a quote learn from the how to start an essay examples below, a hook can be a quote, a question, a surprising fact, a personal story, or a bold statement.

types of hooks writing

Try to put everything together and see if it sounds coherent. Here you can see which of your hook ideas fits the best. Write downa few ideas that are suitable for the hook.


If you are following this story hook, then you can begin your essay with a short story or an interesting episode. As readers love stories, this hook can attract a lot of readers, and thus, they will read the whole essay/paper out of curiosity to know how it will end. Writing hooks is a necessary skill for all types of writing—narrative essays, research papers, fiction writing, and more. We use the term “hook” to talk about the very beginning of a written work—specifically the part designed to grab readers’ attention.

  • For instance, if you were writing an essay on the growing population.
  • Here we have discussed each of them with appropriate examples so that you get a complete idea on how to write a hook.
  • So why should the professor prefer your paper over others?
  • But even if you are defining an unusual word, there’s probably a more interesting way to start your essay than relying on someone else’s definition.

They are treble hooks, worm hooks and live bait hooks. Treble Hooks– A treble hook is a three-pronged hook that attaches to most hard lures like crankbaits, topwaters, jerk baits, and such. “The best writers hook their readers with voice, not just action.” — Stephen King. If you can not manage to write an essay with a good hook, then you can Ouressay writerwill write the best essay for you, keeping in view all your requirements. Before choosing any type of hook, do read an example of a hook for your type of essay. For instance, if you were writing an essay on the growing population.

Writing Hook #6: The Musing

Moreover, people get distracted easily, and if you don’t hook them quickly, you might lose them. If you want to use a quotation for a hook, make sure you quote the words exactly. Choose quotations where the words are striking, types of hooks writing powerful, and/ or memorable. Your story can be personal or someone else’s story. This is when everything in the book, be it characters, events or objects, form a symbolic meaning or lesson that is being conveyed.

That’s because there is no “one size fits all” for how to create a hook for an essay. Instead, learning how to make a hook for an essay depends on your exact writing prompt as well as your exact purpose. Simply put, a narrative essay is just like a story. In other types of essays you need to pick a side, argue and prove your point with the help of evidence. A narrative essay gives you a freehand to tell your story however you may please. A quotation from a famous person is used to open an essay to attract the reader’s attention.

What Is a Good Hook for an Essay?

However, for less formal essays, an intriguing question designed to make the reader think about the topic can be a great hook. A relevant fact or a brief anecdote about the topic could be a good attention-getter for a more formal paper. Especially while choosing an essay hook statement, you should consider the essay type, target audience, etc. For writing an essay introduction according to the standard essay format, there are plenty of essay hook types available. Out of them all, you can pick any essay hook type or attention grabber based on your academic paper writing requirements and write a strong introduction. The main aim of a persuasive essay is to convince the readers to accept your main arguments or opinions on the essay topic.

types of hooks writing

The first sentence of an essay is an important one. It is an opportunity to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read more. A good hook for an essay catches the reader’s attention and gets them interested in your topic. Let’s go over the different types of hooks and the helpful ways to write them. Hope that this guide has helped you a lot in how to write a hook.

Statistical Hooks

Find an attention grabber that increases the importance of each point. Awesome nursing subject help in such a short amount of time. Just like getting good at essay writing itself, getting good at writing openings requires trial and error and lots and lots of practice. When students have identified each of the fables’ underlying themes, have them do some internet research to identify related facts and statistics.

  • Generally, such hooks are mainly found in essays on social sciences like economics and geography, or any other subject using a lot of data.
  • In case your essay is getting published, then the readers will appreciate your writing.
  • They would want to know how their opinion is validated or what the other opinion might be.
  • In the field of writing, the art of the hook is a crucial component.
  • As with all hooks, your description needs to be specific and unexpected.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which to do this. Play around with your story hook and change it if needed; just make sure that, in the end, you go with one that works well with the story you want to tell.

What are size 16 hooks for?

Hooks are attention grabbing phrases that prompt the reader into further reading. When you are providing a hook for readers in an essay, you are catching their attention. If the readers are interested from the very beginning, they want to continue reading to find out more. Hooks are also used in speeches and presentations. When you see an interesting question, you want to find out the answer.

types of hooks writing

The ultimate purpose of using strong hooks in the opening sentence of the essay introduction is listed below. Readers love stories, especially a well-written story that is memorable. The key to a great story hook is making sure the story directly connects to your essay or paper topic.

What are the three common hooks?

Your research will help you narrow your focus, build an argument, and uncover the facts to shape the flow of thought throughout your piece. What you learn in the research stage should determine how you structure your essay — and should guide your choice of hook. Essay hooks will elevate the curiosity and tension level of your readers and make them read the entire essay. A good hook is sometimes something that is completely unexpected. The fact is that humans are capable of many incredible atrocities against one another. I’ll have to file this away for my next writing student (and my next blog post!).

  • This example might come from a personal anecdote, a story you’ve read, popular culture, or a source you’re using.
  • A former principal of an international school and English university lecturer with 15 years of teaching and administration experience.
  • Create a possible attention getter for each essay suggested.

The sentence that connects them is called a transition. Jericho Writers is aglobal membership group for writers, providing everything you need to get published. Keep up with our news, membership offers, and updates bysigning up to our newsletter. For more writing articles, take a look at ourblog page. This will no doubt serve to pique reader curiosity.

What are the 4 types of hooks?

It has to be kept in view that the hook is not a replacement for the introduction. The hook and the thesis statement are two essential parts of the introduction. The introduction further includes the description or background of the topic also. A musing is a reflective statement usually used to introduce the reader to the writer’s thoughts on a topic. It can be used as a strong hook to engage the reader and make them think about their own opinions on the topic.

types of hooks writing

Some writers try so hard to choose an interesting hook that they end up using something irrelevant to their essay. Readers will get confused if you open with a random quote or statistic that only tangentially connects to your thesis. When starting an essay or a story, you should try to create a question that the reader wants answered.

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